We are Chip in a Bottle! A new chocolate confectionery specializing in high end chocolate imported from France, Belgium, and Switzerland. We strive to enhance your appreciation for chocolate and its many uses. We use only the purest ingredients to ensure the proper taste, texture, and experience to each bite. Built on the premise that fresh is best, we make all products in house from scratch with a constant rotating display. The customers and community are always on our minds. Since we work in small batches we can customize to your tastes and demands.

Since our founding we have blended chocolate with with finest ingredients to provide an eclectic spectrum of flavors. Every chocolate is made with passion with the most delicate techniques. We hand paint all of the chocolate, churn the gelato, and sift carefully to produce our French macarons. The most important ideal is for one to note the artistry of the chocolate; to want to frame it as opposed to eat it.

We offer an ability to customize throughout our line of products to provide our patrons with the ideal taste. Only the freshest ingredients are used to fit the exquisite profile of the chocolate. Recipes call for pureed strawberries, blueberries, slow stepping teas, and freshly chopping nuts with no preservatives. We also improved the classics by adding customization. A cookie is greatly enhanced when the chocolate used has the long lasting taste of real chocolate. Chocolate dipped strawberries for example can have various additives to it. You will never regret indulging yourself with our product.

Being able to pair our confections in baskets will set us apart in the industry. Not paring as simplistic method of marketing but as a well thought out enhancement of the chocolate to please the palate. We will guide you through a tour of the world with our baskets. We guarantee this is the present for every occasion. Customers are able to order their presents for loved ones at any time.

We are pleased to announce that we are quickly growing and have added Wi-Fi for customers to get comfortable as they enjoy their treats. Pour over coffee, espresso, and hot chocolate are also broadening our lineup. We invite you join us on November 19th at 12:00pm and grow with us. The Honorable Toni Harp and Alderman Richard Furlow will be in attendance for the ribbon cutting!!