Lavender white chocolate gelato with a lavender white chocolate truffle topping

Lavender white chocolate gelato with a lavender white chocolate truffle topping

Small Batch All Natural Artisan Gelato

Made from scratch on site. Only with the best ingredients. 


A Dynamic Shift in Gelato Starts Here

The question we get most is "What is the difference between gelato and ice cream". We take it a step further by responding with Gelato is plain and simply better for a number of reasons. Let's start with the top 5.

1) Gelato is made fresh. Unlike Ice cream which is deeply frozen and stored for months at a time, gelato is usually made fresh and served within a much shorter time span to maintain flavor.

2) Gelato is based on milk for its foundation which means is less fat than ice cream which is based on cream.Depending on the recipe eggs may or may not be used. Even if eggs are used there is less in gelato than ice cream. This makes gelato around 40% LESS FAT.

3) Gelato is served at a higher temperature which means it is much more smooth, and has significantly less ice crystals which can be unpleasant.

4) Gelato has less air whipped into it. This gives a more dense and therefore more flavorful experience. Which means that for ice cream you are paying for mostly air.

5) Gelato is served with a spade as opposed to a scoop due to its texture profile. 

The more important question is how did we make it better. We start by making the gelato from scratch. We use authentic profiles to maintain the proper consistency for gelato. We then turn it up a notch by offering a wide array of flavors and toppings. Gelato is traditionally not served with topping but who doesn't like toppings. We also offer our other confections as compliments to the gelato. There is not much better than a warm Valrhona Azelia Hazelnut cookie floating on a hazelnut nutella gelato. The best thing to do is to stop in for a try!

A Few of Our Recent Flavors

We will be rotating over 100 flavors. Be sure to let us know your favorites.

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